Turning Employee Benefits meetings into a Happier Hour.

Call us crazy, but a large part of our health care system works.

The desire for large-scale change is a Herculean challenge that may never happen. Pretend disruptors are everywhere. In reality, improving the day-to-day work we all do fills the ever-opening voids from uncompleted change. By using our expertise to provide straight forward advice and long-term thinking we create new and enhance existing client relationships of our clients.

Consultants breaking the norms connect with Health 180. One shot change-agent and one shot long-term incubator. Reshaping employee benefits today and delivering a powerful strategy for the future. We’re constantly incubating new ideas, methods and thinking you can bring to your clients. Start new discussions that go beyond the predictable BUCA models.

Since 2012 our passion is to develop and implement innovative health risk management strategies that make business and financial sense and shine brightly on your bottom line.

We work closely with Consultants and TPAs to spark their stale client relationships. Shine a new light on cost control and eliminate frustrating annual “renewal” meetings. Bring your clients a happier hour.