Reduce employee health risks with advanced screening data.

Newsflash – Employee health impacts premiums!

Use biometric screening data to predict future costs and better manage risk. Having the right optics can reduce risk by 40% and get employees the information they need to improve their overall health picture.

Onsite Advanced Biometric Screening

  • Establish the baseline for your company
  • Reduce overall health risk by 40%
  • 52 data points; Lipid profile, blood sugar, liver function and full metabolic profile and more
  • Understand the risk underlying conditions do to your premiums
  • Motivate employees to improve their health
  • Informed recommendations
  • Controlling Risk
  • Prevention less than 5%

Catastrophic claims are the number one driver of healthcare costs today. Yet, less than 5% of HC dollars are spent on early detection and prevention. Most employers that do biometrics do a simple Lipid Profile which just looks at heart disease and stroke which only account for 22% of high claimant dollars.

Our test is a 52-point advanced biometric that gives you the 3x advantage to what’s going to be on your high claim report. Its power is in educating the individual and education the employer.

Studies prove that early detection and preventive healthcare are the best ways to improve quality of life resulting in greater productivity and lower healthcare expenses. Our advanced biometric screening is designed to intercept modest and complex care scenarios before they spiral out of control.

This 52-point advanced screening provides participants with a comprehensive personal health profile that they can share with their personal physician. Valuable aggregate reporting is provided back to employers that analyzes and depicts a company’s risk make-up, what impact can be made and where participants are ready for change.

I’m ready for healthier employees.