Grow the patient and provider relationship.

The future of care.

Put BUCA in your rearview mirror. Now there’s a healthcare methodology that brings together the employee, employer, and provider. Employees who need care; Employers paying for the care; and Providers providing care. Everyone is on the SAME side of the table – to collaborate on fair rates and terms and end up with positive outcomes.

  • Providers: Get out of the bill collection business through direct contracts with local employers. Plan design drives employees to your facilities and providers through lower deductibles and less out of pocket costs. This in turn provides prompt payment and lowers accounts receivable. This allows you to lock in patients and add newly identified patients from our advanced biometric screenings.
  • Employers: Develop a partnership with the local health system that gives you access to lower cost settings and accountability from the providers. This allows you to provide more competitive benefits to attract and retain employees.
  • Employees: Better benefit, better care, less out of pocket

I’m ready to connect employees and providers.