Predict employee health risks with advanced screening data.

Base claims costs on outcome, not the whims of BUCA.

Ready for a long-term outcome-based strategy and reducing the pain of high claims costs?

Change your strategy and challenge your consultants to bring innovation and ideas to your bottom line. Reduce the painful 10-12% annual rate increases to under 2% and increase gross profit.

This formula is a long-term strategy for a healthier workforce and increased profits.

  1. Reduce annual premium increases by 90%
  2. Get unused premium money back through a distribution, if you don’t use it – you don’t pay for it
  3. Stay protected from catastrophic claims with stop loss coverage of $500,000 covered at 100%

If high claims are becoming your high costs, we are averaging up to a 46% reduction through an outcome-based plan.

Put your company in control through a partnership with Health 180.

I’m ready to predict.