The gate to appropriate healthcare is open.

Open the gate to an EAP program that employees use.

Gateway leaves most EAP programs in the dust. Its base is a symptom checker, but its power is in its ability to create an employee-friendly health navigation platform. It engages employees and gives them proper guidance and insight on how and when to seek care. Less random requests and calls to HR – and you deliver a benefit that gets UTILIZED.

Under the hood is an AI driven healthcare navigation engine. Any medical problem an employee has, anytime – is solved through Buoy. Simply enter the symptoms, the AI figures it out and provides one to three diagnoses, and guidance on what to do and who to see – based on your existing benefits package.

Go beyond the table-stakes EAP world of diabetes and weight loss. This is a head-to-toe benefit for mental and physical health.

HR wins with a program that gets utilized and reducing random requests and calls through an easy-to-use online platform.

Employers win by creating a healthier workforce, managing care partners, anticipating costs by seeing what types of claims are coming in, and making smarter business decisions.

Employees win with a speedy at-their-fingers online guide to better health direction.

Put traditional EAP in your rearview mirror with Gateway/Buoy.

I’m ready for better employee health.