Shared Risk, No Matter Your Size

For employers of all sizes, Health 180 offers a unique approach that allows them to take advantage of the same benefits that large corporations enjoy. Enter the Renovere Health Coalition (RHC), Health 180’s health care coverage program. A group purchasing coalition that provides employers access to the same “bulk-buying” advantages as large corporations, it keeps risks lower for employers when purchasing health care benefits.  This method mitigates risks for employers by joining into a larger employee population pool, which provides better benefits for employees and lower costs for employers.

RHC is even more powerful when it is paired with the results of our advanced biometric testing – proven information and data about your employees’ needs. Thanks to biometrics, if you know that your employee population is facing a certain type of illness, you purchase coverage that protects them appropriately. You’re also matched with other employers whose employees’ health profiles may look the same, lowering the risk of exorbitant claims for each participating employer. RHC gives you the ability to buy like you’re big – and know that you have the right care in place for your specific employees’ needs.


Early Detection Means Disease Prevention

It’s no secret that Americans are facing a health care crisis. There are many contributing factors: Unhealthy diets, lack of exercise, expensive and limited access to the right care. When those factors include genetics, a predisposition to illness, or a late diagnosis, changing the health of our employee populations can feel insurmountable.

There is a way to get ahead of this: early detection. Early detection enables you to own your future by understanding the illnesses that your employees may face. Instead of waiting to get sick and then having to spend the time, energy and expense to recover, early detection enables disease prevention. Benefits include lower health care costs, improved quality of life, reduced impact on lifestyle and higher rates of survival.  Early detection is the key to understanding the right preventative measures to enable a healthier future.

Health 180 believes that early detection and preventative health care are the foundations of effective health care.  That’s why we offer biometric testing through one simple blood draw which performs over 50 different tests and can potentially indicate over 300 different illnesses or diseases. We can test an individual’s biometrics and potentially detect a myriad of diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, kidney and liver issues, and more. These tests tell you exactly what health care risks may be in your future, and then you can take action to prevent them.


Results. Insight. Quantification.

Knowledge is the most powerful tool in making sure you’re buying the right coverage for your employees.  Results Insights Quantification (RiQ) is the blending of the analysis of past claims and biometric data with the prediction of future costs. We help you create a strategy by identifying trends and exposing opportunities to positively impact your claims trajectory. The data helps you isolate by conditions, facilities, and even down to an individual to customize a game plan. RiQ becomes the most valuable partner to sustain your health benefits.


The future of care.

Now there’s a healthcare methodology that brings together the employee, employer, and provider. Employees who need care; Employers paying for the care; and Providers providing care. Everyone is on the SAME side of the table – to collaborate on fair rates and terms and end up with positive outcomes.

  • Providers: Get out of the bill collection business through direct contracts with local employers. Plan design drives employees to your facilities and providers through lower deductibles and less out of pocket costs. This in turn provides prompt payment and lowers accounts receivable. This allows you to lock in patients and add newly identified patients from our advanced biometric screenings.
  • Employers: Develop a partnership with the local health system that gives you access to lower cost settings and accountability from the providers. This allows you to provide more competitive benefits to attract and retain employees.
  • Employees: Better benefit, better care, less out of pocket

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