Extract yourselves out of the Accounts Receivable world.

Reduce uncollected debit and the hassle of going through BUCA.

If you’re accounts receivable is headed in the wrong direction, take back control from BUCA. Somehow, through high deductible plans, they always get what they want. But you can navigate a better way.

If it’s time to change your strategy, then it’s time to partner with Health 180. As part of our Innovation Lab, you will work directly with groups of employers, gain control over billing and ultimately balance out your AR.

Join a bigger marketplace. H-180 targets regional and local health systems, negotiates their rates and connects you to multiple employers through a powerful buying group. Now for once, you, employers and health systems can all be on “the same side of the negotiation table.”

By connecting groups of companies to buy as a group, we deliver the same scale of savings a Fortune 500 company enjoys on their own. We’ll build the plan to steer them your way, eliminating the red tape BUCA brings.

Let a partnership with Health 180 bring the power of group buying directly to you.

Sit on the same side of the table as your insurance company.