Shared Risk, No Matter Your Size

For employers of all sizes, Health 180 offers a unique approach that allows them to take advantage of the same benefits that large corporations enjoy. Enter the Renovere Health Coalition (RHC), Health 180’s health care coverage program. A group purchasing coalition that provides employers access to the same “bulk-buying” advantages as large corporations, it keeps risks lower for employers when purchasing health care benefits.  This method mitigates risks for employers by joining into a larger employee population pool, which provides better benefits for employees and lower costs for employers.

RHC is even more powerful when it is paired with the results of our advanced biometric testing – proven information and data about your employees’ needs. Thanks to biometrics, if you know that your employee population is facing a certain type of illness, you purchase coverage that protects them appropriately. You’re also matched with other employers whose employees’ health profiles may look the same, lowering the risk of exorbitant claims for each participating employer. RHC gives you the ability to buy like you’re big – and know that you have the right care in place for your specific employees’ needs.

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